Any photographer will tell you, "I have always been interested in photography," and I'm no different. I started actively photographing and printing pictures while in high school, and I haven't stopped since.

I have developed an interest in the way people define space: the space around themselves, the space they move in, they way they think about an area and how they can work with it or against it... My project "The Laws of Physics" is about space. It is a series of dance photographs, taken of professional and non-professional dancers both outside of and during performances. My main focus while working with these images was not the beauty of the dancers, but rather the space around them and how they moved in the space and shaped the space. In naming the work "The Laws of Physics" I am encouraging the viewer to think about how these images of dancers challenge what we think we know about physics and how object should move within space.

My "Flowers and Foliage" collection represents an interest in the details of nature. I love the delicate shape and feeling of a single flower and the veins of a leaf.

The small work entitled "Abandoned" is a study of an abandoned house. I am fascinated with the idea that people can simply abandon their house and their belongings. I always wonder who owns these places and do they really have enough money, or are they really careless enough to just leave a place to rot away? I shot only a single roll of this particular house planning to come back later. But when I was able to get back to it, it was cleared away.

I have many "Other Images" I have chosen only a few to place here. As a photographer I do not (yet) have a special area of focus. I love dance photography, but I love shooting other things as well. For now, I am content to shoot everything I see that is even remotely interesting, and choose what to print later.

Please don't hesitate to email me if you have any questions or comments or are interested in purchasing an image.